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Jupiter Lane Productions P.O. Box 32 Fairfield, VT 05455

Save your tapes & videos before it’s too late!

Transfer and edit from film and video in to digital formats you can view with your devices.


Our Process

We can transfer and professionally re-edit old media in to revitalized, digital and multiformat media projects. 

Store on hard drives, portable devices that can connect to your televisions or projection devices. DVD/ Blu-Ray disks. 

We also edit and produce new media to meet our client's requirements. We provide consulting and production advice and options to provide as much help as you need to complete your projects.

Professional advice - we work with you to get what you want

Free revisions.

Straight Transfers with no editing.

Enhancement of old media. 

Other services available. Please contact us with your project inquiries.

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Jupiter Lane Productions

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